Once in a while you find log homes that are truly beautiful that lasts lifetimes. The log home you build now--your log home--will be your legacy, the gathering place for family and friends for generations. You want a Contractor/Builder who understands your vision and dreams.

The creative team at Red River Gorge Log Cabins can build log homes of beauty and character with experience and creativity you can trust. We build relationships of trust and integrity that emphasize open communication and full creative expression--a true partnership between you and us. We strive to fully understand your unique needs, desires, and budget. In a world that is rushing to push you somewhere fast, we slow down; take the time to get to know you, your values and aspirations before we start to design your home.

We visit your building site so we can understand why you chose this special location and how we can respond to its unique character. We will create a home that will eternally grace your special piece of Mother Earth.

When you choose Red River Gorge Log Homes, you are choosing an inspired team of creative professionals. We don't simply draft plans. We craft your ideas, your imagination, your future into a home that will truly inspire you building your heritage now!